Sally Beauty Rewards Program Canadian Member Conditions And Rights (“Conditions And Rights”)

(Effective as of October 22, 2018)

General Terms & Conditions

The Sally Beauty Rewards program ("Rewards Program") is sponsored by Sally Beauty Supply LLC and our participating affiliates and subsidiaries (“Sally Beauty”). By enrolling and participating in the Rewards Program (“Membership”) each customer (“Member”) agrees to these Conditions and Rights and the Sally Beauty Rewards Program terms, rules, regulations, policies and procedures as set forth at (“Program Terms”). These Conditions and Rights and Program Terms form the contract between you, as a Member of the Rewards Program, and Sally Beauty. Information provided will be processed and stored in accordance with Sally Beauty’s Canadian Privacy Policy. For more information please see our Canadian Privacy Policy.

Rewards Program Membership and any attendant benefits are offered at the discretion of Sally Beauty. Sally Beauty reserves the right to amend or modify the Program Terms and these Conditions and Rights at any time and in any way without notice even though changes may affect the value of the Beauty Marks already accumulated (including, without limitation, adjusting the number of Beauty Marks or Rewards Coupons (as defined herein), the type and amount of any Rewards Program Reward, and the type or amount of any other Rewards Program Member benefit). Sally Beauty may change the Program Terms and these Conditions and Rights at any time in our sole discretion by posting the updated Program Terms or Conditions and Rights on Sally Beauty’s website at the You will not receive specific notice of such changes, and your continued use of the Rewards Program will constitute your acceptance of any changes. The Program Terms and these Conditions and Rights replace all previously-published information about the Rewards Program and you, as a Member, have the responsibility to check for any updates. If the Program Terms or these Conditions and Rights are updated, any changes will apply to all Members, including Members enrolled before Sally Beauty posts the updated terms, except as may be prohibited by law. Sally Beauty further reserves the right to terminate the Rewards Program, any benefits of the Rewards Program or any Member’s Reward Program Membership at any time.

You are responsible for maintaining accurate and updated personal information regarding your account ("Account"). You can obtain information about the Rewards Program, your Account activity, and change your profile preferences and contact information at any time by visiting You may also obtain your Account and Rewards Program information by contacting Sally Beauty Rewards Customer Service ("Customer Service") by phone at 1-833-482-0592 for online inquiries or 1-866-234-9442 for all other inquiries or at

Membership & Elligibility

Membership in the Rewards Program is limited to legal residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) and is limited to one Account per person. To be considered a Member, you must be age 13 years or older, and must provide a valid email address, phone number, and your first and last name. Eligible minors must obtain a parent's or legal guardian's consent prior to participation. For enrollments in store, please allow a delay for information to be posted to your profile online at By submitting an application for Membership in the Rewards Program, you agree to be bound by the Program Terms and these Conditions and Rights. THERE IS NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO BECOME A MEMBER. The Rewards Program is void where prohibited by law.

Rewards Program Communication

As a Member of the Rewards Program, you agree to receive advertising, marketing materials, and other communications from Sally Beauty, which we consider promotional emails, unless you expressly disallow (opt out) in your profile preference in your Account, or unless prohibited by law. In addition to consenting to receiving these promotional emails, you are also consenting to receiving transactional emails from the Rewards Program and from Sally Beauty. You may withdraw consent and unsubscribe (opt out) from promotional emails from us, and you may do so at any time via the unsubscribe link in those emails. In addition, Members can also unsubscribe from receiving promotional emails by contacting Customer Service by email or by phone (1-866-234-9442).

Beauty Marks & Reward Coupons

Earning Beauty Marks

When you enroll in the Rewards Program online at or at any participating Sally Beauty store, you will be provided with a Loyalty Member ID. To earn Beauty Marks (“Beauty Marks”) to your Account, whenever you make a purchase in a participating store, you will need to provide your Loyalty Member ID, email address, or phone number (registered with your Member Account) at checkout. Your online purchases also qualify for Beauty Marks if you are logged into your Member Account when the purchase is made.

How We Calculate Your Beauty Marks: As a Member, you earn Beauty Marks whenever you make a qualifying purchase in a Sally Beauty store or through your Account online. The number of Beauty Marks you earn is based on the dollar amount of your qualifying purchase, less all applicable discounts, offers, Reward coupons, and taxes rounded up to the nearest whole dollar amount. The resulting whole dollar amount is converted to Beauty Marks at the rate of 10 Beauty Marks per one dollar. Other exclusions and limitations may apply.

Expiration of Beauty Marks: Sally Beauty Marks may be used toward future purchases at Sally Beauty in stores and are valid provided that you remain Active in the Rewards Program. "Active" means that you made at least one purchase and/or redeemed Sally Beauty Marks in every 12-month period. If a qualifying purchase is not made and/or no Sally Beauty Marks are redeemed within 12 months, all accumulated Beauty Marks expire. Beauty Marks will post to your Member Account within approximately 72 hours from the time of in-store purchase. No adjustments to your Member Account can be made after 90 days from the actual purchase date, except at Sally Beauty's sole discretion. To view your Beauty Mark activity and balance, sign in to your Member Account at using the email address that you provided upon registration.

Earning and Redeeming Reward Coupons

Any time you accumulate at least 500 Beauty Marks in your Member Account your Beauty Marks will be converted automatically to a reward coupon (“Reward Coupon”). Reward Coupons will be sent to you by email, and can be accessed from your Member Account. Reward Coupon may be issued only in denominations of $5, $10, $15 or $20, depending on the accumulated Beauty Mark balance in your Member Account. When a Reward Coupon is issued to you, the corresponding number of Beauty Marks will be automatically deducted from your Account. For example, if you achieve 550 Beauty Marks in your Account after a qualifying purchase, you will receive a Reward Coupon for $5, and 500 Beauty Marks will be deducted from the Beauty Mark balance in your Account. If you achieve 1500 Beauty Marks in your Account after a qualifying purchase, you will receive a Reward Coupon for $15, and 1500 Beauty Marks will be deducted from the Beauty Mark balance in your Account.

You will be notified by email, at the email address registered with your Account, each time you earn a Reward Coupon. We suggest adding Sally Beauty Rewards to the approved senders list in any spam filter you are using. You may also view your current Reward Coupon(s) at For transactions in participating stores at Sally Beauty, you can redeem as many Reward Coupons as you wish as long as Reward Coupons have not yet expired. You must present Reward Coupon(s) in the transaction in which you wish to redeem a Reward Coupon. Reward Coupons can be redeemed in Sally Beauty stores and on through your Account. Reward Coupons are good for a one-time use only. Reward Coupons cannot be used for gift cards, prior purchases, shipping and handling fees, taxes or donations or warranties. NO PARTIAL REDEMPTIONS FOR REWARD COUPONS. If the price of merchandise you wish to purchase is less than the value of the Reward Coupon(s), the remaining value of the Reward Coupons will be forfeited and cannot be used towards a future purchase. Lost, stolen, or expired Reward Coupons will not be replaced. No photocopies or facsimiles of Reward Coupons will be accepted.

Additional Benefits

As a Rewards Program Member, you will receive several offers throughout your Membership period. Offers may include, but are not limited to, percent-off and dollar-off coupons, Beauty Marks-earning opportunities and other promotions. Offers may also include additional details, including exclusions and expiration dates. In addition, as a Member, you may receive other communications, such as early notification about upcoming events and sales, new products and personalized recommendations.

Elite Tier

Members who spend $200 Cdn. or more with Sally Beauty in a calendar year will earn Elite status ("Elite Member"). Elite status is valid from the time that the Member is upgraded until the December 31st of the next full calendar year. For example, if you reach Elite status on November 1, 2018, your status as an Elite Member is valid until December 31, 2019. Offers for Elite Members will include a 25% Elite bonus on any Beauty Marks earned due to net spend on eligible purchases. The Elite bonus does not apply to fixed-value Beauty Mark promotions. All Elite Member benefits and promotions are subject to the terms and conditions of the offer.

Members' Right to Cancel

You may cancel your Membership and this contract by notifying Customer Service by email or by phone at 1-833-482-0592.

Members who cancel voluntarily may not re-activate the Account but are eligible to open a new Account without a transfer of the previously accumulated Beauty Marks.

Additional Terms

Membership Beauty Marks, offers and Reward Coupons are nontransferable, have no cash value, may not be purchased, and are not redeemable for cash under any circumstances except as required by law. Accumulated Beauty Marks, offers and Reward Coupons do not constitute property of the Member. Accumulated Beauty Marks and Reward Coupons are not transferable by the Member upon death, as part of a domestic relations matter, or otherwise. Beauty Marks and other benefits of the Rewards Program may be taxable where required by law. Abuse of the Rewards Program, including failure to follow the Program Terms and these Conditions and Rights may result in cancellation of your Member Account and future disqualification from participation and forfeiture of all Beauty Marks accrued. In connection with the enforcement of any Program Terms or these Conditions and Rights governing the Rewards Program, Sally Beauty reserves the right to take appropriate legal action, as we deem necessary, and to recover damages, legal fees and court costs. Subject to applicable law, Sally Beauty may, in our sole discretion, alter, limit, or modify the Rewards Program rules, regulations, benefits, eligibility for Membership, or any other feature of the Rewards Program (including assigning any of our obligations to customers under the Rewards Program at any time to another person or entity, without recourse) or may terminate the Rewards Program any time at our sole discretion, by posting any such changes on the Sally Beauty website. If your Membership is revoked or otherwise cancelled, any Beauty Marks in your Account will automatically expire. Subject to applicable law, Sally Beauty reserves the right to make changes to our website, the Program Terms and these Conditions and Rights at any time. It is your responsibility to check or review the Program Terms and these Conditions and Rights from time to time to keep informed of any changes. By joining the Rewards Program, you hereby agree to be bound by any changed version of the Program Terms and these Conditions and Rights.